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Vinyl Factory – Garside Sunglass

Vinyl Factory Garside Sunglass
Meow… The hot look this summer is a modern twist on an old classic.  The cat eye has returned and is trending!  Eyeglass stylist are seeing different versions of the cat eye style in sample cases of many eyeglass manufacturers reps.  One of my favorite eyeglass pieces is a frame from R&R Eyewear out of their Vinyl Factory collection called the Garside.  The frame is named for KatieJane Garside an English rocker in the popular UK group Daisy Chainsaw from the 90’s.

“Spex & mugs & rock n’ roll” is the motto for the eyewear line and is printed on each one of their frames.  In fact, I loved it so much I had to have one for myself.  It is fashionable, fun and a true wearable art piece that will catch a ton of attention.  The frame is metal covered in a rubberized material giving the eyewear piece a truly unique look and velvety texture.  The part of the temple that goes behind the ear resembles a guitar handle, which I found comfortable and functional as it kept the sunglasses from becoming loose.  I got it in an eye catching hot pink which is bright and vibrant.  The Garside comes in other colors including a classic black.  The added bonus with this sunglass is that it comes with polarized lenses which means you can walk out of the store with it and head to your favorite poolside or vacation destination.  As with any top quality eyewear it is RX able and will hold most prescriptions nicely.

A link to the Vinyl Factory catalogue.

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I take a lot of pictures of eyeglasses. Google makes them look great.

Do you use google+? This is a link to one of the Google Stories it created for me. It includes a frame repair and an afternoon of frame shopping.

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Santinelli design contest entry. Steampunk Glasses

I have been tinkering with this frame in the back of my shop for a while but I was never really sure what to do with the lenses.  Sometimes you just need a deadline and a new edger.

The frame is a Rodenstock 7276 that I actually wore in highschool.  I laser welded a random selection of watch parts to the temples and added a pair of rayban temples to make the clip.

The lenses have a layered design.  Each of the 4 lenses is different and is a combination of drill holes and the ME1200’S design cut features.  Each lense takes my edger about 20-30 minutes to complete.

The clip is removable and flips out like blinders.







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Introducing Advanced Edging Technology.

We are proud, at Leff Optical, to announce that all our lenses are now finished on our new Santinelli ME-1200. This machine is the Ferrari of lens edging equipment and guarantees a perfect fit for your lenses in your frame. We are the only eyeglass store in DFW to offer the finest, most accurate lens edger in house. It also drills, facets and offers some more unusual lens cutting options.


There are 2 processes that have to happen perfectly for your lenses to come out correct.

1. Surfacing – The term used in the industry for putting your prescription in the lens.  I use a major local lab to surface all my lenses.  They utilize state of the art equipment to make their Unity digital progressives lenses.  They also offer Zeiss lenses, mirror coatings, and anti-reflective coatings.

2. Finishing – The process of putting the surfaced lenses into a frame.  Your frame! The frame that you are going to wear, hopefully, for the next couple of years.  The fit and finish of this is the most important part.  Perfect fit and accurate positioning of lenses is what this machine is designed to do.

Even if this is the shape you pick.

Pig Glasses

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Coming Soon. Montblanc

I have been on a buying spree lately with new frames arriving daily.  We just received new frames from OWP.  We just ordered new frames from Tom Ford and Vera Wang.  This is an exciting time of year for the eyewear industry because the big eyewear show in Las Vegas is right around the corner and all the eyewear companies debut their new stuff.
Montblanc Eyewear
I chose this new line for our store because of the classic style, sophisticated luxury, and incredible workmanship of their frames. Acetate frames are so popular right now that men’s metal frames have taken a back seat in the current trend to the point they are hard to find. The new Montblanc frames I selected are the finest in Italian stainless steel with wood and leather accents.  Arriving soon.

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