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Progressive eyeglass lenses not cutting it on the computer? Try an occupational lens.

occupational lenses

One of the main complaints about progressives lenses is the small reading and intermediate areas.  Progressive lenses are great for all day wear, but they are more set up for short term reading and glancing at things like your watch.  However, if you spend most of the day in front of a computer you will find that you spend a lot of time moving your head and scanning to find that sweet spot, but, with an occupational set of lenses the entire screen or work area in front of you is in focus.

Most manufactures have an answer for progressives that will cover intermediate to up close work. These lenses help in a variety of places, such as working at a desk or small office, working on the computer, doing arts and crafts and even things like working in the kitchen. Anytime your focus is from 8-10 feet to up close this style of lens will make these tasks easier and better .

We offer several different lens solutions to for you to choose from.

Unity has 2 versions, the Unity CVX and the Unity CVXpression. The CVX is mainly set up for people who are at the computer several hours a day, while the the CVXpression is more adaptable for distances up to 12 feet. The CVX gives you extremely wide zones for computer range and up close. The CVXpression is customizable for people who need a bit longer ranges than just computer. The CVXpression incorporates Cascade Technology, variable front surface base curve and backside free form design to give the wear the most customized viewing for they lifestyle.

Shamir offers the Office lenses, it is a molded progressive that is setup for small offices. You can get up and move around the office and work at your computer comfortably. The lenses focuses from up close vision out to 13 feet.

Zeiss offers the Business lens and the GradalRD. The Business lens is for 14 inches to 4 feet mainly for working at your desk while the GradalRd focuses up to 20 feet.

We are always happy to discuss the options of each lens and how you will be using them to direct you to the best option.

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Yes we are a 2015 Partner’s Card retailer.

Partners Card
Leff Optical is excited to announce that we will be participating in the Partners Card program this year. Proceeds from Partners Card goes to support survivors of family violence. Partners Card entitles the cardholder to 20% off with participating retailers. A list of retailers and locations where cards can be used can be found online by searching Partners Card or going directly to www.familyplace.org. Vendors for Partners Card can also be found online or you can purchase one at your local Tom Thumbs.

From October 30 – November 8, 2015 come in and get 20% of your purchase. This is our biggest discount ever and your chance to help a great cause.

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Facts About Blue Light

Most people have heard the new danger from light is Blue Light.  So here are the facts as we know them currently.

Blue light  is deeper penetrating on the eye than UV(ultra violet), thus meaning that while UV damages the front surfaces of the eye, blue light enters the eye and attacks the retina.  Sunlight is 25-30% blue light.  Blue light is split into blue-violet(415-455nm) and blue turquoise(465-495nm).  The blue violet does damage to the eye, while blue turquoise stimulates pupil reflexes , regulates sleep patterns, and promotes good health in general. Blue violet cause retina, choriod , fovea and optic nerve damage. This blue violet light causes the maximum retinal cell damage and cell death.  This also increases AMD(age-related macular degeneration).  The exposure is accumulative.  New energy saving lights such as LED and CFLs increase the amount of blue light we are exposed too.  Todays modern gadgets such as LED monitors, tablets, flourescent lights and smart phones all contribute to the elevated risk,  the risk is even higher for individuals who smoke.  Cutting out all blue light isn’t the answer because you need the blue turquoise like to stimulate brain functions, alertness, memory, emotions and cognitive performance.  The optical industry is studying and looking for solutions for this blue violet light problem.  Several company’s have come out with coatings that help eliminate our exposure to this bad light and let the good blue turquoise light keep us healthy.

Ask us about alternatives for blue light protection.  There are coatings and lenses specifically designed to prevent the harmful blue light from passing through the lenses.  A lot of the device manufactures are also putting protection into screens and devices.  This is a new field of research and the story tends to change daily but we try to keep up on the latest products and research in order to best serve you.

These are some of the resources we found around the web:

Blue Light Exposure
Vision Monday: Protecting Eyes From ‘Bad’ Blue Light
Artificial Lighting and the Blue Light Hazard
Blue Light Is Everywhere – Is it Good or Bad?
Protect your eyes from harmful blue light

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Hot New Eyewear Material

Ultem Eyewear
TR-90, also known as Ultem is a new comer to the eyewear material list. It is a thermoplastic used by many industries because it is light weight, flexible and durable. Extreme temperatures do not affect this material unlike other plastic eyewear options. This temperature feature is very beneficial in the Texas summer heat when you glasses get left in the car. Zyl or acetate eyeglass frames left in the car during the summer get very soft and out of shape easily. This material can be made into many colors and have either a glossy or a matte finish. This eyewear material also doesn’t fade with time like other types of plastic. It also doesn’t absorb chemicals such as make-up or hair dye.

This means that eyewear made of TR-90 is very light weight, very flexible and has a large selection of shape, sizes and colors. All of these features together make this eyewear fun to wear and be seen in, while being durable enough to be active in.

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Vinyl Factory – Garside Sunglass

Vinyl Factory Garside Sunglass
Meow… The hot look this summer is a modern twist on an old classic.  The cat eye has returned and is trending!  Eyeglass stylist are seeing different versions of the cat eye style in sample cases of many eyeglass manufacturers reps.  One of my favorite eyeglass pieces is a frame from R&R Eyewear out of their Vinyl Factory collection called the Garside.  The frame is named for KatieJane Garside an English rocker in the popular UK group Daisy Chainsaw from the 90’s.

“Spex & mugs & rock n’ roll” is the motto for the eyewear line and is printed on each one of their frames.  In fact, I loved it so much I had to have one for myself.  It is fashionable, fun and a true wearable art piece that will catch a ton of attention.  The frame is metal covered in a rubberized material giving the eyewear piece a truly unique look and velvety texture.  The part of the temple that goes behind the ear resembles a guitar handle, which I found comfortable and functional as it kept the sunglasses from becoming loose.  I got it in an eye catching hot pink which is bright and vibrant.  The Garside comes in other colors including a classic black.  The added bonus with this sunglass is that it comes with polarized lenses which means you can walk out of the store with it and head to your favorite poolside or vacation destination.  As with any top quality eyewear it is RX able and will hold most prescriptions nicely.

A link to the Vinyl Factory catalogue.

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